Showcase is the perfect way for students to display what they have learned in lessons. It is like a recital. Together with instructor they will decide what dance they would like to perform and what music will be used.

Our highly qualified dance instructors will choreograph a special routine to be performed at the showcase. Showcase routines can be very different from students’ regular social or competitive programs. Unlike the competitions or social parties, student will be performing solo together with an amateur partner or instructor. Using wide range of different  costumes and props, plus routine created to specific music – that is what makes showcases unique!

Starlite Ballroom hosts student showcases twice a year – one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Students can invite all their friends and family to be spectators and also to enjoy general dancing and great food.

All Starlite, showcases feature full dinner and open bar as well as plenty of social dancing.

Normally it is a four hour event on Saturday night and around 30 specially choreographed numbers will be performed by students and staff.

Starlite showcases are the highlights of the year and have always been sold out events with around 100 people in attendance.