As ballroom dancing becomes more and more popular, there are many choices for students who want to compete. In fact, EVERY weekend of the year there are dance competition taking place somewhere in the country. You can compete in sunny Florida this weekend and attend New York Dance Competition next weekend.

Every dance competition offers different levels: from complete beginners who only had taken a few lessons to very advanced championship level competitors who have been dancing for years. There are also professional  couples competing against each other in all styles. This is a great way for the students to see how the highest level of that dance style they are  currently learning will look like.

Competitions offer four main categories – American Style Smooth, American Style Rhythm, International Style Standard and International Style Latin. All four categories are broken down to many different levels from Newcomer to Open Gold. In addition, every level is divided into several different age groups – so students will always compete against others matching their age and ability.

Student can enter a dance competition as an amateur couple with his/her dance partner or what is even more popular – as a Pro-Am couple dancing with instructor.

There are always different vendors at dance competitions where students can buy new dance costumes or shoes or pretty much everything dance related. Also one can order DVDs from their own dancing for the memories.

All of the above will be displayed at the Indianapolis Open DanceSport Competition every spring in downtown Indianapolis organized by Rauno and Kristiina Ilo.